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Myrtle Beach Chiropractor : Dr. Timothy O’Neill

Chiropractic Care for an Athlete

Myrtle Beach Chiropractor, Dr. Tim O’Neill and his wife Cindy

As a high school basketball player, I was having some pretty severe low back pain episodes. The defense drills, squatting low and sliding back and forth, really hurt! A lot! I didn’t know what I was going to do. When my dad recommended his chiropractor, I wasn’t really sure he could help me. But I went anyway. I was amazed by some of the things he could tell about my back. Like it was as long as someone who was 4-5 inches taller than me. I was flabbergasted when he told me what my favorite sleeping position was, and that it was a big part of my problem! (I was a stomach sleeper, with my head and hips turned to the left). Well, in short order, he had me feeling much better. Like many chiropractic patients, I went in periodically when my symptoms flared up.

How I Chose to be a Chiropractor

I started college as an electrical engineering major. By my sophomore year, pretty much every class I was taking involved high level calculus. I was struggling a bit, and worse, I wasn’t enjoying it at all. When I came home for Thanksgiving break, I knew something had to change, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. My younger brother told me that my chiropractor had a just done a career day presentation at our high school. Suddenly the thought of being in the health care field was very appealing. I loved my high school anatomy class, I thought the way the human body worked and its incredible complexity was fascinating.

I called Dr. Gribbon, my chiropractor to ask him some questions. I was shocked that he actually came over to my house that night, and talked to me and my parents! An hour later when he left, I still didn’t understand a lot of what he was talking about, but I was hooked! His enthusiasm for chiropractic was contagious, and I was excited!

On my return to school just a few days later, I sought out my faculty adviser and changed my major to biology, jumping right into some upper level courses in anatomy and physiology. I had to get special permission from my adviser, who hadn’t been impressed with my grades in my engineering courses. Well, I did great. I was on a mission, and loved what I was learning about. The rest as they say is history.

My Chiropractic Education

Sherman College of Chiropractic was a bit of surprise. In addition to anatomy and physiology, x-ray and adjusting technique, was a course I wasn’t expecting: Philosophy. It seems that chiropractors had a completely different way of looking at health and healing, preferring an inside out approach, instead of “let’s add a chemical (drug) to the system to cover a symptom”, it was more like “let’s remove the interference to the body’s master control system (the nerves) and let the body heal itself”. The more I learned about this new way of thinking, the more excited I got! This was life changing! It wasn’t just about lower back pain, but overall health and wellness.

A Chiropractic Lifestyle

I am a chiropractor, but I’m also a chiropractic patients and get adjusted at least weekly, as I recommend for my patients. My family members, mom, spouse and children, are also under regular chiropractic care. I take nutritional supplements daily, and the supplements I carry in our Myrtle Beach chiropractic office are all things that I take or have taken. I try to stretch every day and exercise regularly, either on my elliptical trainer or with weights. I rarely take any medication, even over the counter drugs, choosing instead chiropractic and nutrition as my primary health care. I’m proud to say I have not missed a day of work due to illness in my entire practice life, since 1986, so it seems to be working pretty well!
On a Personal Note

I am the 7th of eight children. My wife Cindy and I have four beautiful adult daughters, Mandy, Kristy, Jessie and Nicole. Cindy and I are avid ballroom dancers, a hobby I took up at Cindy’s request but I truly enjoy it. I have also more recently become addicted to woodworking, and there are several furniture pieces in our Myrtle Beach Chiropractic office that I have made myself. I am also a bit of a techno-geek, and enjoy computers, digital photography, and movie making on my Mac computer.


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