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Your Second Visit to Our Myrtle Beach Practice

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On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

Your Meeting with Dr. Timothy O’Neill

We recommend that you bring your spouse, a family member or close friend with you for your second visit. We will be going over a lot of information, and most patients find it helpful to have someone along to help think of questions, and remember later what was said.

Your Personalized Chiropractic Plan

We will give you a complete written and verbal report of our findings in your case. Dr. O’Neill will personally review your spinal radiographs with you. He will answer any questions you have about his findings. He will give you his recommendations and options about how to proceed with chiropractic care.

After you have made your decisions, chiropractic care will get started right away!

Now that you have your chiropractic plan of action, find out what to expect on your regular visits to our Myrtle Beach chiropractic office.