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Your First Visit to Our Myrtle Beach Practice

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You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Arriving at our Myrtle Beach Chiropractic Office

On your first visit to our office, you can always expect a warm greeting from Cassie, our front office manager at O'Neill Chiropractic. She’ll introduce herself, and take you to a comfortable private room, where you will be given some information about our office and a few minutes to fill out our brief one page patient information form.

Your Chiropractic Consultations

After that, you will have a personal consultation with the doctor, so you can fill him in on any health challenges you are having, and he can give you a quick outline of what to expect from chiropractic and our office.

He will then briefly check your spine to see if he thinks you are a good candidate for chiropractic care. If he thinks so, then he will tell what he recommends in the way of and examination and/or x-ray pictures of your spine. If you choose to proceed, the x-rays can usually be done right away.

At the conclusion of the first visit, you’ll be given some additional information, and instructions on home care to use until your next visit. Cassie will take care of your charges and make your next appointment, usually within one or two days.

Be sure to read about what to expect on your second visit to our Myrtle Beach Chiropractic practice.